**SOLD OUT**BOHS P405 Management of Asbestos in Buildings – Webinar – 21st-24th June 2021

21st June 2021 9:00 am
24th June 2021 4:30 pm
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The BOHS P405 provides delegates with the practical information and skills to successfully manage asbestos in buildings a basic knowledge and of asbestos removal procedures and the information to carry out audits of asbestos removal projects.

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Course Details

BOHS P405 – Management of Asbestos in Buildings

BOHS P405 – Management of Asbestos in Buildings is the industry-standard qualification for those whose work involves asbestos management, such as duty holders, building managers, responsible persons, and those who look after asbestos management data. It provides the background knowledge required to manage identified asbestos in buildings and ensures that appropriate management processes are followed and documented properly. It also gives you the knowledge to make better procurement decisions, and to monitor the quality of the services provided by other asbestos professionals through understanding the standards and procedures that you should be following.  

The BOHS P405 qualification conforms with the training requirements outlined in CAR 2012, Regulation 4 and L143 – Managing and working with asbestos Approved Code of Practice. 

Who is it for?

The qualification is suitable for duty holders, or anyone who assists them in the discharge of their responsibilities. It is also suitable for anyone who: 

  • Manages asbestos in buildings 
  • Procures asbestos-related services 
  • Wishes to progress into asbestos management from asbestos surveying or analysis 


The level of a qualification indicates the relative complexity and depth of knowledge and skills required to attain the qualification.  

This is a level 4 qualification in the BOHS qualifications framework, equivalent to NVQ Level 4 and HNC. 


Modules / Learning objectives

Overall Objective

To provide you with a good understanding of asbestos surveying, removal, assessment and analytical services and provide the necessary background knowledge to procure, monitor and audit the quality of these services. The course will also provide knowledge of the legal requirements of asbestos management in buildings. 


You must pass two parts within 12 months:  

  • Written Theory examination 
  • Written Practical examination 

BOHS exam fee is £160 NoVAT

Download the BOHS P405 specification.

Webinar Requirements

  • System – Microsoft Teams
  • Please ensure that delegates have practised logging in to the webinar system prior to the course start time
  • Webcam must remain switched on throughout the course and exam
  • Delegates must use a laptop/desktop computer for optimal performance or a tablet – no mobile phones.