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UKATA Asbestos Non-Licensed Operative Refresher (Cat B Refresher)

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UKATA Non-Licensed with NNLW (Category B) Refresher – Reading- 7th Sept 2022

September 7th 2022

UKATA Asbestos Non-Licensed Operative Refresher (Cat B Refresher)

Note: This course is the UKATA Non Licensed refresher training. Delegates must hold a valid UKATA Non Licensed certificate within the last 12 months to qualify for refresher training. The expected duration for the refresher training will be determined by the training provider carrying  out a training needs analysis and should be no less than 3 hours of tutor time.

CAR 2012 states that “any employee who may be exposed, or is liable to be exposed to asbestos (or supervises those who are) while conducting their normal duties, must be trained and employers must provide adequate information, instruction and training to those employees”.

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The Health and Safety Executive advise that training for non-licensed and/or notifiable non-licensed work should be job specific and Santia’s experience in this area enables courses to meet this advice.

Who should attend?

Delegates who knowingly work with asbestos containing materials where that work is classified as non-licensed or notifiable non-licensed works, as defined by CAR 2012. Delegates wishing to complete this training should already have a valid UKATA approved asbestos awareness certificate awarded within the past 6 months.

Course contents:

  • Differences between Non-Licensed Work and Notifiable Non-Licensed Work (NNLW) and the exemptions from requirements of CAR 2012 in respect of these works
  • The stages in the work processes for undertaking non-licensed work with ACMs from site set up to final cleaning and inspection
  • Fibre suppression techniques including use of Class H vacuum cleaners and wet spraying, wet wiping and use of Tak-rags
  • The safe use of PPE and RPE
  • Detailed work methods and practical for the selected tasks
  • The requirements for the safe disposal of asbestos waste


1 day (normally 9am-3pm) providing the UKATA Asbestos Awareness certificates are valid within 6 months.

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