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BOHS P403 Asbestos Fibre Counting (PCM)

BOHS P403 Asbestos Fibre Counting (PCM)

The P403 course provides candidates with theoretical and practical knowledge of the techniques of fibre counting of asbestos air samples using phase contrast microscopy (PCM).

After this course, candidates will be able to describe and carry out the approved methods for correctly setting up air sampling equipment and for fibre counting, and understand the accuracy and limitations of these methods and the requirements for quality control. Candidates will preferably have prior experience of analysing fibre count samples and may already be participating in a quality control scheme.

Course Content

  • Setting up of microscope
  • Filter preparation, fibre counting and set up of air sampling equipment
  • Calculation of results, quality control, reporting and communication
  • Practical work


2 days


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