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Bespoke Courses

Bespoke Courses

Bespoke Courses

At Santia, we specialise in bespoke and tailored training courses, designed to suit your needs.

Santia training consultants can work with you to understand and develop your bespoke courses to your requirements, systems, company policies and procedures. If requested the training can be branded with your company logo and including relevant photographs and scenarios from your organisation or sector.

Call, or contact us using the enquiry form, so that we can discuss the best options for you.


  • Asbestos Sampling courses
  • Working on asbestos in soils
  • Company-specific asbestos management courses
  • Non-Licensed training for managers
  • Bespoke asbestos awareness
  • CDM (Construction Design and management 2015) training to suit your organisation.

All bespoke asbestos courses will meet or exceed the requirements as detailed in the Control of Asbestos Regulations 2012 (CAR) Regulation 10 which details the minimum training:

  • The properties of asbestos and its effects on health, including its interaction with smoking,
  • The types of products or materials likely to contain asbestos,
  • The operations which could result in asbestos exposure and the importance of preventive controls to minimise exposure,
  • Safe work practices, control measures, and protective equipment, the purpose, choice, limitations, proper use and maintenance of respiratory protective equipment,
  • Emergency procedures,
  • Hygiene requirements,
  • Decontamination procedures,
  • Waste handling procedures,
  • Medical examination requirements, and
  • The control limit and the need for air monitoring,

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