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UKAS Accredited Sampling

Sampling is an integral part of asbestos management and one of Santia’s key accredited services. Whether its part of a survey or to respond to an emergency call out, Santia has the capability to react and provide a definitive result from our laboratories.

Our expertise and experience is often required following an uncontrolled release of fibre when a suspected asbestos material has been damaged, resulting in the initiation of an emergency procedure. In this situation Santia can assist by sampling the material itself and the surrounding area to identify the presence and extent of contamination. Air monitoring can be undertaken on site to determine airborne fibre levels, and advice can be given as to whether the incident meets the criteria of RIDDOR 2013.

Depending on the situation, SEM analysis (Scanning Electron Microscopy) or TEM (Transmission Electron Microscopy) may be relevant to determine the presence of asbestos in quantities less than can be detected during bulk sample analysis using PLM (Polarised Light Microscopy). Santia can subcontract this highly specialised analysis to another UKAS accredited laboratory, providing a complete service in the event of an emergency.

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