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Asbestos management excellenceLatest News: Santia Secures 4 Year Asbestos Analytical Services Contract with Magnox Ltd
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UKAS Accredited Air Monitoring and Clearance Testing

Santia provides a complete range of site based UKAS accredited air monitoring and clearance testing services including:

  • Reassurance testing
  • Background testing
  • Personal monitoring
  • Four stage clearance with Certificate of Reoccupation
  • Enclosure integrity testing and leak testing

As we work in a diverse range of built environments, our Analysts have experience of working with the full range of asbestos materials, from cement to sprayed coating. This experience is leveraged in our design and management service, where we can produce specifications for large, complex projects and tender the asbestos removal on behalf of our customers, ensuring that their business is protected.

With true national coverage, our Analysts are able to respond to emergencies across the UK as well as resource major asbestos removal projects. We provide a complete project management service and can set up semi-permanent laboratories with a designated team of Analysts, providing support around the clock.

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