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Asbestos management excellenceLatest News: Santia Secures 4 Year Asbestos Analytical Services Contract with Magnox Ltd
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Staying Covid-19 Secure in 2021

Santia Secures 4 Year Asbestos Analytical Services Contract with Magnox Ltd

Santia secured Lot 2 of the Asbestos Analytical Services contract with Magnox Ltd in April 2021, its team of experts will provide a full range of specialist services at 6 nuclear power stations located in the South of the UK. Santia will support Magnox with its duty to manage asbestos to enable compliance with CAR 2012 as the stations progress towards a state of ‘Care and Maintenance’ prior to demolition.

The contract is one of the largest of its kind in the UK, mobilisation activities were conducted over a 5 – month period and included the TUPE transfer of 30 specialist consultants, the integration of new account management and delivery team along with a transfer of UKAS accreditation for the site – based laboratories.

The contract has provided opportunities for career progression for many Santia employees, whose knowledge and experience working within the nuclear industry has already added value to the customer. The complexity and scale of the fleet coupled with Magnox’s commitment to safe asbestos management and regulatory compliance will provide further opportunities as the contract develops.

With resource constraints facing many sectors as a consequence of the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic, the Social Value Realisation Plan proposed by Santia will future – proof the long – term delivery of the contract. Santia will engage with the communities local to the power stations and is committed to providing opportunities for employment, training and personal development, leading to rewarding and long – term careers.

Santia was recently acquired by Tersus Consultancy Ltd, owned by Marlowe plc – a UK leader in specialist services and software which assure safety and regulatory compliance, whilst managing business risk. This will provide additional customer benefits through an enhanced IT, HR and financial infrastructure with access to broader expertise across related disciplines including fire, water, occupational health, security, ventilation and training.


Case Study Testimonial This is a fantastic addition to our customer portfolio. To be entrusted by Magnox Ltd to enable the safe management of asbestos across their southern fleet is a testament to our reputation for technical expertise and customer service excellence, built over the last 30 years. Collaborating with Magnox Ltd has been a rewarding experience and we look forward to supporting Magnox Ltd to achieve their mission and build upon the trusted relationships formed over the next four years.”
Amy Jones, Santia, Head of Bids and Marketing

“Asbestos represents the largest conventional clean-up hazard for Magnox. This safety critical, labour intensive, skilled work requires a specialist workforce. The new analytical services contract provision will ensure ongoing improvements, improve efficiency, increase innovation and ensure value for money for the UK Taxpayer.”
Pam Duerden, Magnox Environment, Health, Safety, Security & Quality Director
Case Study Testimonial

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