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Santia presents Employee of the Quarter, Customer Service Excellence and Length of Awards for Q2 2019

Santia presents its final quarterly awards of the year and recognises its longest serving employees as the inaugural year of the Employee Recognition Scheme successfully reaches its conclusion.

The Employee Recognition Panel reviewed the nominations put forward by our staff in Q2 2019 to determine the employee most deserving of the final quarterly award of 2018/2019 based on the feedback received.

After reaching a unanimous decision, Sharon Hall (Business Information Analyst) emerged as the final quarterly winner, congratulations Sharon.

Sharon has received positive feedback from staff throughout the year and has been singled out for demonstrating supportive, nurturing and approachable values on a consistent basis. In addition to her day job, Sharon has taken the lead on the new CRM/ERP system implementation, supports our IT matters and has stepped up to become the companies Health & Wellbeing Advisor.

Sharon is exceptionally busy as a consequence of these duties which demonstrates an outstanding commitment to support the business succeed, yet despite these commitments, Sharon is always happy to help anyone with all manner of queries and does so in a friendly and positive manner. Sharon is an asset to the business and richly deserved an award for her efforts which have certainly gone above and beyond this year.

Sharon joined Tanya Jenkins, Cath Moore and Jacob Evans as quarterly award winners which left the Employee Recognition Panel with the extremely difficult job of picking an Employee of the Year winner, we will announce the decision shortly…

July’s Board meeting signified the opportunity to select the individual who had provided outstanding customer service over the final quarterly period and we would like to congratulate Jaydan Redhead as the worthy recipient of this honour.

Jaydan commenced his employment with Santia at the start of 2019 and has made a positive contribution to the business since joining having received positive feedback from his peers and his manager.

As a consequence of the trust and confidence Jaydan’s colleagues have, he was given the opportunity to work with a new customer, who have confirmed Jaydan’s approach to the project he has worked on as “spot on” and elaborated further stating they were “really happy with his thoroughness and professional attitude”.

Thoroughness and professionalism are key attributes of any job role that lead to outstanding customer service which Jaydan is clearly providing customers with, well done for making such a positive impact in the short term you’ve been with Santia, Jaydan, keep it going!

The fact that a customer has taken the decision and indeed put the time in to write positively about the experience they’ve received in itself constitutes a fantastic achievement that any employee receiving it should be proud of.

Jaydan joins Ellie Johns, Nik Porter and David Faddy as previous quarterly award winners, all of whom should be congratulated on their achievement.

Moving onto Length of Service awards, the months of June and July signified anniversary landmarks for a number of long serving employees and to celebrate their commitment and loyalty to the business over many years, each received some well – earned vouchers with those celebrating their 10th anniversary with the business receiving an additional 5 days holiday.


The deserving recipients are:

John Jepson (5 years)

Natalie Davies (5 years)

Tom Bullimore (10 years)

David Wijetunga (10 years)


There are 3 more employees who will reach anniversary landmarks by the end of September, congratulations to all employees who have been recognised for achieving these landmarks.

Sharon Hall (Business Information Analyst) presented with the Employee of the Quarter Award and vouchers by Alexis Vranch, Finance Director.

Jaydan Redhead (Asbestos Consultant) presented with the Customer Service Excellence Award and vouchers by Kevin Challinor, Operations Manager

John Jepson and David Wijetunga (Senior Asbestos Consultant’s) presented with their Length of Service Awards by Neil Coulson, Operations Manager

Natalie Davies (Laboratory Manager) presented with her Length of Service Award by Craig Jones, Managing Director

Case Study Testimonial The introduction of the Employee Recognition Scheme was to support the delivery of our ethos; that our people are our greatest asset. Being able to celebrate our employee’s achievements has encouraged a culture of excellence and enabled the business to reward employee loyalty and commitment. Congratulations to all recipients who received awards last year, I look forward to announcing the annual winners shortly. Case Study Testimonial

Craig Jones, Managing Director

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