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Santia presents Employee of the Quarter and Length of Service Awards Q1 2019

Santia presents the third quarterly Employee Recognition Awards and provides special recognition to one of its longest serving employees.

The Employee Recognition Panel reviewed the nominations put forward by our staff in Q1 2019, which for the second successive quarter, resulted in just over 20% of our employees receiving recognition with 9 support staff and 16 field staff nominated.

The Employee Recognition Panel could not reach a unanimous decision during the vote, so with two individuals receiving an equivalent number of votes, the Panel agreed both Tanya Jenkins (Customer Support Manager) and Cath Moore (Account Coordinator) as worthy winners!

Tanya had received consistently high levels of positive feedback from colleagues over the last 2 quarters, she had received more individual nominations than anyone else over the period.  Tanya had provided invaluable support to help colleagues and customers with the management of their accounts and support them overcome a myriad of challenges, even when on holidays…

The comments put forward to recognise Tanya’s support of one of our Key Account Managers and customers was of particular note with one customer citing the service received as “Second to none” constituting great feedback and a well – deserved award.

Cath had also received positive feedback from a variety of colleagues over the last 2 quarters and was consistently singled out for going the extra mile.  The comments received from colleagues as to how Cath had supported them manage two major accounts was of particular note.

Cath had certainly gone above and beyond in providing updated survey reports following the completion of asbestos abatement projects for one of our largest regional customers in Wales.  Cath had worked elongated hours on a sustained basis to help the customer comply with their obligations, the customer had referred to Cath as “Great” and was always there to help when called upon, fantastic commitment deserving of recognition.

The quarterly senior management meeting also provided the opportunity to make a special award to a long serving member of the team who has been part of the furniture for 20 years, David Thomas.  David has demonstrated fantastic loyalty to the company having fulfilled an Asbestos Analysts position for the vast majority of his tenure.

David built a reputation for providing a robust standard for cleanliness during asbestos removal operations and always upheld the best interests of the company and himself irrespective of the circumstances faced.

David has moved into an equipment management role in recent times but still provides invaluable support to colleagues given his vast experience and occasionally supports audit and assessment on site given the standards he demonstrates.

The Employee Recognition Panel will meet on the 19th June to decide the final quarter’s award winner and to also decide upon the Employee of the Year!  Any Santia employees who would like to nominate a fellow colleague for the Employee of the Quarter Award should do so via the internal Kudos method

Tanya Jenkins, Customer Support Manager (left) and Cath Moore, Account Coordinator (right) presented with their Employee of the Quarter Award and vouchers by Eddie Deverill, Business Development Director.

David Thomas, Equipment Manager presented with his Length of Service Award by Will Deverill, Technical Director.

Case Study Testimonial Congratulations Tanya and Cath for providing an exceptional support service and receiving great feedback from both our staff and customers as a consequence, fantastic effort both. Special congratulations also go to David for the 20 years of service he’s provided to the company, he’s not one for a fuss but I think he secretly enjoyed the attention received which was well deserved, thank you for your outstanding contribution and commitment David. Case Study Testimonial

Craig Jones, Managing Director

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