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Santia presents Employee of the Quarter and Customer Service Excellence Awards Q4 2018

Santia are delighted to present the second Employee Recognition Awards to recognise outstanding customer service and reward those who have gone the extra mile to support both their colleagues and the delivery of our business vision.

The Employee Recognition Panel reviewed the nominations put forward by our staff in Q4 2018, noting a significant uplift in nominations received since the last quarter. Just over 20% of our employees received recognition; 11 support staff and 16 field staff were nominated, with the vast majority receiving more than one nomination each.

Following evaluation of the nominations, a unanimous decision was made to confirm our second winner of the Employee of the Quarter Award – Jacob Evans, Programme Manager from our Midland team. Jacob had consistently received positive feedback from colleagues over both quarters and in this quarter, received more individual nominations than anyone else.  Whilst the volume of nominations had a bearing on the decision – making process, it was the quality and content of the feedback which mattered most.

Jacob had been instrumental in supporting the Key Account Managers in his accurate appraisal of survey reports providing detailed cost benefit analysis for abatement work which he was successful in justifying to a client in a difficult economic environment.  Jacob also stepped up when the chips were down to cover work in another region at short notice.

Informing customers of their legal obligations, which cost money to comply with, particularly in the retail sector with the current high street decline and Brexit uncertainty requires sound advice and legislatively justifiable reasoning.  Jacob successfully demonstrated his ability in evaluating information and disseminating it to the customer to help them comply with the law.

The next quarterly period has already commenced (from 1st January to 31st March 2019) and we look forward to receiving plenty more nominations from our team this quarter.

For the Customer Service Excellence Award, the Board of Directors evaluated some great customer feedback received by a cross section of our workforce between October and December 2018.

Nik Porter, Principal Trainer and David Faddy, Programme Manager were the worthy winners of the second quarterly awards with each of them receiving fantastic feedback from our customers.

Nik had received positive feedback from customers throughout the year and this quarter was no exception. Customers have described Nik as a “top man”, “really knew his subject”, “an excellent tutor” and has received consistent feedback about the training sessions he holds which have been described as “informative” and “enjoyable”.  Customers have also stated that they simply would not have passed the course without Nik’s advice, all of which constitutes outstanding feedback.

David received positive feedback from a number of customers over the quarter which stood out as a contributory factor for the award.  Whilst some of the feedback received was grouped to include David along with other employees from his team, David was specifically thanked by an NHS Trust in Scotland which sparked the customer to state that “Santia has surpassed all my expectations….10/10, and that’s something I have never given”.

Nik and David will join the winner from the last quarter (Ellie Clarke) for consideration for the annual award. Any additional feedback they receive will be recorded for consideration for having the greatest impact on customer retention and service provision, let’s hope we have the opportunity to evaluate plenty more feedback from our customers next quarter.

With just over a month left to receive nominations and customer feedback for the Q1 2019 Awards, if any customers would like to send us positive feedback in writing about how a Santia employee has gone the extra mile or delivered otherwise outstanding customer service, please email qualityasbestos@santia.co.uk

Any Santia employees who would like to nominate a fellow colleague for the Employee of the Quarter Award should do so via the internal Kudos method.


“On behalf of the panel, I would like to congratulate Jacob Evans, Nik Porter and Dave Faddy for their awards which are richly deserved following their success over the last quarter, well done.”

 – Craig Jones, Managing Director


Jacob Evans, Programme Manager presented with his Employee of the Quarter Award and vouchers by Kevin Challinor, Operations Manager, Midlands

Nik Porter, Principal Trainer presented with his Customer Service Excellence Award and vouchers by Liam McLoughlin, Operations Director

Dave Faddy, Programme Manager presented with his Customer Service Excellence Award and vouchers by Neil Coulson, Operations Manager, North

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