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Santia awarded onto North of England Commercial Procurement Collaborative (NOE CPC) Asbestos Framework for NHS and other healthcare organisations

Awarded onto LOT 6 (Asbestos Consultancy, Survey and Testing) of the new Framework for Estates Consultancy Services 2018-2022, Santia can now provide its specialist, high quality services to the NHS and other healthcare organisations using the North of England Commercial Procurement Collaborative (NOE CPC).

What is NOE CPC?

NHS owned, North of England Commercial Procurement Collaborative (NOE CPC) is hosted by Leeds and York Partnerships NHS Foundation Trust (LYPFT) and provides collaborative and bespoke procurement solutions to the public sector.

Through category expertise and harnessing the collective buying power NOE CPC deliver comprehensive, compliant and innovative procurement solutions which save the NHS money.


Objective of the Framework Agreement

The objective of the Framework Agreement was to appoint capable organisations to provide a range of Estates Consultancy Services that meet the broad needs of NHS and other healthcare organisations. From an NHS perspective there was a focus on securing best value, and realising quantifiable improvements in both operational efficiency and cost.

The tender process aimed to select Appointed Service Providers who would, amongst other things:

  • Be flexible in their approach to providing these services, in a cost effective manner
  • Develop effective systems to meet the needs of the Participating Organisations
  • Establish a process of continuous improvement over the life of the Framework Agreement
  • Promote good communications between the Participating Organisations and the Providers.

As an established, award winning national asbestos consultancy with a reputation for outstanding customer service, Santia met all of the required objectives, scoring highly on both quality and price.


Who is eligible to use the Framework?

Those eligible to use the NOE CPC framework include those with a duty to manage asbestos within NHS and other healthcare organisations responsible for properties such as hospitals, clinics, ambulance services and related residential accommodation. The framework is not restricted to the listed NOE CPC member bodies in the North of England, as any other NHS/ public sector bodies located in England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland are eligible to access Santia’s service via this framework.


How does it work and what are the client benefits?

For many clients, undertaking an OJEU or other tendering process for their own organisation can be a mammoth task. The production of a PQQ, ITT document, bespoke specification, pricing matrix and supporting documents which comply with the Public Contracts Regulations 2015 takes time. The coordination and investment in time of key stakeholders including technical service users is also a distraction from core activities. Combined with the highly regulated tender scoring and evaluation process, a typical OJEU tender can take at least 6 months to complete at a significant cost.

NOE CPC offers a fantastic alternative to in-house tendering, providing rapid access to high quality services from Santia who have successfully completed a rigorous OJEU tendering process.

To find out if your organisation is already an NOE CPC member, or to find out how to become a member, click here: https://www.noecpc.nhs.uk/current-members


Why choose Santia?

Santia was awarded onto the Framework for a number of reasons. We are a national company employing asbestos specialists across the UK, with a regional office and UKAS accredited laboratory in Mansfield in addition to our Head Office and main laboratory in Cardiff. We have operated for nearly 25 years and have always maintained a strong reputation for quality. The location of our consultants means we can respond promptly in an emergency, keep travel costs and the impact on the local environment to a minimum. We also have a reputation for customer service excellence, for which we won a UKATA award in July 2018. Experienced across a range of broad range of sectors with specific strengths in healthcare, Santia has the necessary technical knowledge and ability to support the NHS with asbestos compliance.

If you have an enquiry, please contact us on 03300 241 444 or enquiries@santia.co.uk

Case Study Testimonial As one of the longest standing and largest asbestos consultancies in the UK, we are delighted to be awarded a place on the new NOE CPC Framework. We have supported countless NHS Trusts and public-sector organisations over the years. We look forward to helping more duty holders comply with their legal obligations and anticipate that sales growth will generate more opportunities for employment at Santia. Case Study Testimonial

Amy Jones, Head of Bids and Marketing

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