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Checklist for Managing Asbestos in our Schools and Universities

Exposure from Asbestos Containing Materials (ACM’s) could lead to the development of asbestos related illnesses and for the immediate future, the focus of attention should be to ensure that all ACM’s present in buildings are safely managed, a process summarised below as a helpful checklist:    

  1. The implementation of comprehensive surveys by competent and UKAS accredited organisations to determine the presence, extent and condition of any ACMs which may be present. Conduct a review of all existing asbestos survey reports by suitably qualified and experienced people to ensure that the surveys are of the required standard and quality.
  2. To prepare Asbestos Management Plans by experienced and competent people for each university/school detailing the arrangements for ensuring the safe management of the identified ACMs.
  3. For each university/school to appoint or have direct access to an Appointed Person who has the responsibility for ensuring the safe management of all ACMs located within the school buildings.
  4. For the Appointed Person to have the necessary training, knowledge, authority and time to effectively fulfil their asbestos management roles and responsibilities. With regards to training; the Appointed Person will ideally have a minimum of the BOHS P405 Asbestos Management or the UKATA Duty to Manage: Appointed Person qualifications.
  5. Where required the finance is made available to undertake any necessary asbestos removal or other abatement works.
  6. For all senior management team members and other staff, to include, caretakers, facility managers, those responsible for arranging and managing maintenance and other construction related works in the university/school to receive an appropriate level of asbestos related training.
  7. For all staff to be briefed as to the ACMs which may be present in the areas where they work.
  8. For appropriate arrangements to be made in situations where any damage to, or deterioration of ACMs is identified and to conduct air quality monitoring as may be required.
  9. To ensure that all Asbestos Management Plans are subject to an independent expert review on an annual basis to ensure that they remain relevant and compliant and that the identified asbestos actions are being completed on an ongoing basis.  
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