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Staying Covid-19 Secure in 2021

Coronavirus Update

In order to effectively manage the impact of the evolving Coronavirus outbreak, the management team convenes on a daily basis to provide updated guidance to our employees to ensure the necessary precautions are being taken. 

The following measures are in place to help to mitigate the spread of the virus:

  • Increased hygiene operations have been put in place to encourage hygiene vigilance, all employees advised to follow the general cold and flu precautions as advised by PHE / PHW, hand sanitiser and additional advisory signage on good hygiene practice is in place in office locations
  • Reduced movement of employees across the business by limiting all un-necessary UK business travel to be replaced with WebEx, teleconference and telephone communication options where practicable
  • No business travel permitted outside the UK until further notice
  • Restriction of employee movement between buildings, departments and sites, limiting movement to essential or business critical needs only
  • All field and support employees are able to work remotely or from home safely and securely, these systems are embedded and have been assessed as part of our ISO27001 certification
  • Laboratory staff are able to work from either one of our sites should operations be impacted in either location as part of our business continuity policy
  • Field based staff have been asked to familiarise themselves with specific client arrangements on site and practice thorough hand washing between every visit
  • Adequate levels of resources, equipment and consumables are in place to maintain protection of staff, clients and suppliers
  • Field and laboratory – based staff wear Personal Protective Clothing as a daily occurrence and are trained to observe high standards of decontamination to protect the spread of contaminants to themselves, their surroundings and others
  • Employees asked to self-isolate for 7 days if they live alone and display symptoms such as a new continuous cough or high temperature (of 37.8°C or higher), employees living with others in the same household who display symptoms of Covid-19 have been asked to isolate for 14 days
  • Process in place for identifying and recording any employee advised to self-isolate or is diagnosed with Covid-19, procedures in place for managing this scenario through our in house bespoke HR system, process in place for identifying staff at increased risk of severe illness from Covid-19, advice available from our outsourced healthcare professionals
  • Regular internal updates communicated by the Managing Director to employees reminding them of the control measures to adopt, to advise on social distancing practices, to gather information from trusted sources such as UK Government & NHS sites, to advise on general media consumption to limit risk of anxiety through uncertainty / through over consumption and to maintain focus and professionalism to maintain a quality service provision to our clients

The situation remains fluid and information continues to change on a daily basis. We will continue to evaluate the situation and will work closely with our clients, suppliers and accredited bodies to mitigate any impact on our operations to enable continuous compliance with the legislative obligations remaining in force.

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