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Cath Moore and Ellie Johns scoop Santia’s inaugural Awards for 2018/2019

Santia presents Cath Moore with the Employee of the Year Award whilst Ellie Johns picks up the Customer Service Excellence Award for 2018/2019.

In was what an incredibly close decision for the Employee Recognition Panel, Cath Moore emerged as our inaugural winner and becomes Santia’s first Employee of the Year.

Cath has been singled out consistently throughout the last 12 months for her professionalism, ability and commitment to all aspects of her role. This praise has come from different departments of the business and from across all regions.

Gradually over the past couple of years, Cath has taken on additional tasks and more clients whilst retaining the high level of performance that she has always been known for. The significant change in the size of Cath’s role has been met with enthusiasm even when, on occasion, it has resulted in additional hours worked due to tight deadlines. With this in mind, Cath’s ability to stay focussed and maintain her positive, friendly attitude is admirable and has had a beneficial effect on everyone who she works with.

When reviewing the specific feedback that Cath has received, there are two common themes, Cath ensures that the clients receive the service that we have promised and she makes everyone else’s life easier by taking a problem, owning it and delivering, fantastic effort Cath, congratulations on your achievement.

The Santia Board had the pleasurable experience of deciding the Customer Service Excellence award winner for 2018/2019 in June’s board meeting and took the decision to award Ellie Johns with that honour.

Customers have submitted excellent and continuous feedback about Ellie citing her professionalism, courteous approach and subject matter knowledge as stand out attributes, as a front – line trainer for Santia, these attributes have also enhanced the organisations reputation to deliver high quality training.

Ellie has been prepared to work away at short notice, is content remaining behind to provide additional tutoring to delegates as necessary, is solution orientated finding a better and more efficient way to complete a task and has created improvements to the existing course material all of which have resulted in our customers achieving above industry pass marks in the BOHS modules.

Ellie has been fully committed to learning and developing in her role and has contributed to the growth of the training department as a consequence of the efforts made.  Ellie has been pivotal in strengthening our reputation as being one of the UK’s true leading providers of asbestos training and is fully deserving of this award based on the outstanding feedback received from our customers, many congratulations Ellie.

The first quarterly period for the 2019/2020 employee recognition scheme has now commenced and with a number of people just starting their careers within Santia, we look forward to receiving plenty of new nominations and lots of positive customer feedback to review when the Senior Management Team next meet.

Cath Moore is presented with the Employee of the Year Award by Eddie Deverill

Ellie John is presented with the Customer Service Excellence Award by Liam McLoughlin

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